Product Code: NMT100-SIM-YG

The NMT100-SIM-YG is one in a series of fully computerized systems that provide fast, convenient, multi-dimensional and real-time measurement to live samples. Without contacting the live sample, NMT's sensors measure the concentration, direction, influx, and efflux of select ions and molecules. The NMT100-SIM-YG is able to achieve the simultaneous measurement of two sensor types (two different ions or one ion and one molecule).

NMT can measure samples such as single cells, tissues, and organs.


Sample size: between 5µm and 10cm in diameter

Detects: ions and molecules (simultaneously or individually)


NMT100 Series (applicable to samples with a diameter between 5µm and 10cm)


Measures the signal of one ion at a time


Measures the signal of one ion or one molecule at a time



  • The signal of one ion and one molecule can be measured individually
  • Two signals can be measured simultaneously
    (“ion + ion” and “ion + molecule”)




Learn more about NMT:Non-invasive Micro-test Technology

  • In-situ and non-invasive test on living samples
  • Real-time Testing
  • Ionic and molecular measurements or dual-electrode measurements
  • Long-term measurements
  • No labeling
  • Multiple measurements
  • High resolution and wide measurement scope
  • No need of extracting samples
  • Capable of testing various samples
  • 3D Flux Measurements

To be used with samples with a diameter between 5µm and 10cm

Motion Control Module ║ X-axis Motion Translation Stage
Load Capacity 156N
Travel distance 25.4mm
Mode Automatic
Control Stepper motor
Minimum step 39nm
Bidirectional repeatability 500nm
Motion Control Module ║ Y-axis Motion Translation Stage
Load Capacity 156N
Travel distance 25.4mm
Mode Automatic
Control Stepper motor
Minimum step 39nm
Bidirectional repeatability 500nm
Motion Control Module ║ Z-axis Motion Translation Stage
Load Capacity 191N
Travel distance 46mm
Mode Manual
Control Lead screw drive
Motion Control Module ║ Lead screws
Screw Thread 1/4-100
Load Capacity 90N
Travel distance 25mm
Motion Control Module ║ Supporting Stage
Dimensions L200mm×W200 mm×H5mm
Material-top M6 on 25mm
Adjustable supporting rod 150mm - 250mm
Motion Control Module ║ Motion Control Mechanical Settings
Minimum step 39 nm
Bidirectional repeatability 500 nm
Motion Control Module ║ Polarographic Controller
Polarized voltage output range 0 - ±1.999V
Accuracy ±1.000mV
Motion Control Module ║ Flexible Coupling
Size 11×6×23mm
Clockwise & counter clockwise rotation characteristics of the same yes
Stainless steel ring X2
Mini screw hole X2
Signal Processing Module ║ Pre-amplifier (Ionic Head Stages)
Input impedance: 10TΩ
Minimum gains ×10
Signal Processing Module ║ Solid Reference Microelectrode
Temperature range -5°C to 100°C
Wire length 2 m
Tip diameter 2 mm
Signal Processing Module ║ Pre-amplifier (Polarographical Head Stages)
Type embedded current/voltage conversion
Resolution 1mV/pA
Signal Processing Module ║ Glass Microsensor Holder
Size 25 mm×10 mm
Ag/AgCL wire 50 mm×0.2 mm
Signal Processing Module ║ Reference Microelectrode Holder
Rotation angle 360°
Linear Motion adjustable solid sliding rail
Signal Processing Module ║ Ground Wire Bracket
Size 80mm×20mm×30mm
Signal Processing Module ║ Data Acquisition System
Signal Acquisition mode 16 bits A/D conversion card
Software module(s) Ion measurement software module; Molecule measurement software module; Dual-microsensor measurement software module
Operating system Windows7
Signal Processing Module ║ High-gain Main Amplifier for Ion/Molecule Sensor
Polarized voltage output range 0 - ±0.999V
Input voltage & frequency 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Ion channel number 2
Simultaneous acquisition of one type of ion and one type of molecule microsensor signal yes
Accuracy ±1.000mV
Amplifier gains ×100
Signal Processing Module ║ 3D Micromanipulator for Dual-Sensor
X-axis working distance 22mm, Y-axis swing adjustment Z-axis tilt adjustment
Size W60mm×D25mm×H54mm
Image Acquisition Module ║ Microscopic Lighting Control
Image sensor 1/2.5”
Ocular Lens 10×,field of view: 20 mm
Maximum Resolution 3264×2448
Signal-to-noise ratio 34dB
Magnification range 40× - 400×
Objective Lens 4×, 10×, 20×, 40×
Pixels 8,000,000
White balance Automatic/manual
CCD Lens Adapter can be connected to a CCD camera
Focus System coarse micro coaxial focusing system, trimming each circle 0.2mm, Lattice valued 0.002mm, coarse with elastic adjustment, and the upper limit of focusing device
Functions image capture, video recording, image processing
Objective localization of five port converter
Stage mechanical stage XY to move the regulating hand wheel, moving range of 120×80mm
Interface USB2.0
Trinocular Microscope yes
Image Acquisition Module ║ Video Converter
Image resolution 1920×1200
DVI output 2
Software ║ Non-invasive Ion & Molecule Flux Measurement Software V2.0
Manual English
Interface English/Chinese
Software module(s) Ion/Molecule measurement module
Data output format MS Excel
Account Management Multi user
Supports Chinese input yes
Potential/Slope value over range alarm module yes
Data optimization module yes
Software (Optional) ║ NMT Data Analysis Software V1.2
Supports data format txt
Can complete sample ion/molecule flux data 3D drawing yes
Supports flux data 3D graphics output and dynamic demonstration yes
Accessories ║ Manual
Manual English/Chinese
Accessories ║ Selective Ion Sensor Making Station
Bright-field dual-ocular WF10X
Objective Lens 4X, 10X, 40X
Stage size 40mm×40mm
Travel distance 13mm
Accuracy 3µm/1.5µm
LIX filling length for accurate control 1 - 2 µm
Rubber tube inner diameter 1.5mm
Accessories ║ Chloriding Setup
Power supply 9V
Height adjusting range 5cm
Platinum filament length 3cm
Chloride container diameter 3cm
Accessories (Optional) ║ Monitor for Sample Viewing inside Faraday Cage
Backlight LED
Interface type VGA
Resolution 1024×768
Contrast 1000:1
Size 12 inch