NMT BioFunction Research Platform Series

The NMT BioFunction Research Platform Series includes 12 platforms, each specialized in a different research field. All platforms are created based on Non-invasive Micro-test Techniques and have inherited the same advantages of NMT such as live sample testing and high sensitivity. They also have customized matching of sensor types and functions for different research.

Platforms are designed specifically for research on IAA, Ca2+, tumors, cells, algae, roots, tissues, stresses, photosynthesis, heavy metal, nutrition and metal corrosion. Each platform* has the option to add additional sensor types to its standard configuration along with the option to upgrade the system.


*The IAA Research Platform cannot be upgraded to include other sensors or upgraded to include an external visual of electrode preparation.

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IAA Research Platform

Platform used for testing physiological functions of living organisms. Designed specifically for testing IAA.