Located in the famous "Five-College" area in Amherst MA, YoungerUSA LLC has been working to bring Non-invasive Micro-test Technology (NMT) into life science labs since 2001. Not only are we the leading innovators and distributors of NMT, but we’re also the leading biotech company in the world who produces and sells this technology.


Specializing in NMT, we are helping scientists understand the language of living cells, by measuring the flux of ions and molecules in living samples. Our fully commercialized NMT system provides real-time data with non-invasive sensors for life science research.


What we do

YoungerUSA, LLC is an international company that manufactures, distributes, and promotes the advancement of NMT.
We are engaged in applying NMT into all scientific fields including (but not limited to)
  • Personalized chemotherapy for cancer treatment
  • Drug efficacy evaluation
  • Bio-monitoring of environmental hazards
Our passion comes from helping scientists understand the language of living cells. With the help of NMT, scientists can do this by measuring the flux of ions and molecules in live samples.


Company History

  • Dr. Lionel F. Jaffe, a biologist at the American Marine Biology Laboratory, presented the original concept of the vibrating probe technique in 1974.

  • In the early 1990s, Dr. Jaffe and scientist Yue (Jeff) Xu developed Non-invasive Micro-test Technology (NMT) based on the vibrating probe technique.

  • In 2001, YoungerUSA began our mission to perfect NMT: Non-invasive Micro-test Technology.

  • From 2002-2005, YoungerUSA's key founder, Yue 'Jeff' Xu, was invited to provide NMT research services to the US NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training in Gravitational Biology (NSCORT).

  • In 2005, YoungerUSA NMT Research Services Center was established to serve scientists around the world.

  • The 5th generation NMT System was released in the summer of 2013 with the NMT 100/200 Series

  • In 2016 a new series was introduced, the NMT BioFunction Research Platform Series.

  • Tremendous efforts are always being made to make NMT more user-friendly in terms of ease of use, understanding, and manipulation. Today we present NMT as an efficient, sleek, fully commercialized system, helping scientists understand the language of living cells through the flux of ions and molecules.


YoungerUSA's Mission

  • Conducting research

  • Making NMT easier to use

  • Improving human life with the application of NMT


Partners of YoungerUSA

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